If you are looking for TREC compliant home inspection software, then consider Inspector Toolbelt Home Inspection Software:

The Inspector Toolbelt app (which can be found on the iOs app store as well as the Android app store) makes filling out the TREC form much easier. You can accompany the standard TREC form with a full home inspection report as well. See sample home inspection reports here.

The reports are easy to read and in a modern format that agents and clients love. Whether you are a new home inspector here in Texas, or you have been inspecting homes here for many years, the app works like an inspector works – because it was created by inspectors. The two founders are both from the construction and home inspection industry. The lead developer designed the software that National Grid and other companies use to perform inspections – so they really know their stuff.

So check out Inspector Toolbelt for your software needs as a home inspector.

Home Inspection App
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